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Aromatherapy - You can choose to add essential oils to your massage treatment if you wish. There will be a list of oils to choose from when you arrive. Please just mention this upon arrival. It is just an additional $5 for up to two chosen oils. Aromatherapy essential oils can really enhance your treatment for not only the aroma to relax or uplift but also to help with strengthening the body's immune system, circulation problems, nervous tension, sinus issues or perhaps hayfever, as examples.


Hands, Feet and lower legs Massage

Treat your precious hands, feet and lower legs to a relaxing massage. Starting with a calming head massage to settle the nervous system, then on to a nurturing hands massage and a delightful lower legs and feet massage - some reflexology points may be added depending on your needs.
Just kick back and zone out during this therapeutic treatment. 
60 minutes $95


Mix & Match

Can't decide what to have? Or you would like to have a mini sample before committing to a full treatment? I've made it easy for you - just choose a minimum of 3 treatments to create your very own appointment!

Choose at least 3 treatments from the list below. Each treatment is 15 minutes for $25.

  • Seated neck and shoulders massage

  • Feet and lower legs massage

  • Hands and forearms massage

  • Head/scalp massage

  • Feet Reflexology

  • Hand Reflexology

You can also add any of the above to any other BodyTonic service (except Bowen Therapy)



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