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Therapeutic Massage - can help alleviate muscular discomfort and help to realign posture, this may involve some fascial stretching - to free-up 'pull' on the joint area, myofascia and muscles. Ischaemic compressions may be used to release tissue density (adhesions), trigger point referral and pain. Some body reading may be necessary to assess any postural misalignment. 

(a maximum of 60 mins for this treatment - treating specific areas)


  • 45 Mins $65

  • ​60 mins $80

Relaxation Massage * for FULL body massage please book for 90 mins to allow enough time for full body and soul relaxation.

This technique uses light to medium pressure, using a mixture of long flowing strokes and kneading to release tension in the superficial layers of connective tissue, muscles and neurofascia that sends signals to the brain to remind the body to relax into a rest and digest state. This therapy is extremely relaxing.

  • 60 minutes $80

  • 90 minutes $110

Reflexology - the original Ingham method (feet therapy for the body)

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, involves the application of pressure to specific points on the feet and hands. This is done using specific thumb, finger, and hand massage techniques. Feet and hands map the entire body including organs and glands. By application of pressure to these reflexes using gentle thumb/finger movements the body's function maybe influenced.

Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Relieving pain

  • Reducing stress and tension

  • General restoration of the body to a better state of harmony, health and homeostasis

  • 60 minutes $80 

Reflexology - Balancing the Endocrine System - the glands of the endocrine system are where hormones are produced, stored and released. Hormonal imbalance may interfere with normal body functions.

  • 30 minutes $40

(Coming soon.... Lymphatic Drainage of the body through the feet)



PACKAGES - for total relaxation

Relaxing back,neck and head/scalp massage - 35 mins

Enjoy a blissful back and shoulders massage followed by a calming upper chest, neck and scalp/head massage. $45


Treat your precious feet and lower legs - 35 mins

Lavender foot soak, Soothing peppermint lower leg and foot massage, Invigorating orange blossom mist - $45

Mini Pamper just for you! - 90 mins 

Start your session with a Bestow organic herbal tea whilst soaking your feet in a bubbling foot spa. Melt away during your relaxing foot massage followed by a blissful back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands massage finished off with a yummy head massage. $115

Top to Toe - 2 Hours 

Start your session with a Bestow organic herbal tea whilst soaking your feet in a bubbling foot spa. Melt away during your relaxing foot massage followed by a full body relaxation massage and finished with a yummy head massage. $145

The Ultimate Pamper Package! - 2 hours 40 mins 

The same as the Top to Toe above but finished off with a 40 minute petite signature facial - just beautiful! $205

We can create a customised package to suit your desire.

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