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Relaxation Massage

This Swedish style massage aims to release muscular tension and restriction by increasing blood flow and circulation. This wonderfully therapeutic yet relaxing technique is a great way to unwind and rejuvenate the mind and body.

Back Massage

Bowtech Bowen Therapy

The Bowen Technique could be considered for people with many types of conditions. Bowen therapy does not use forceful manipulation. Gentle subtle moves are performed over the muscles and connective tissue, sending messages deep into the body. This may help with a relaxed, balanced way of wellbeing.


Reflexology can help to activate the body's own healing and cleansing mechanisms where tension is eased and circulation is improved. This gentle therapy encourages the body to heal itself and can restore the body to a better state of harmony, health and homeostasis​.

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Janesce Botanical Facials

 Janesce botanical skincare uses 'mother nature's' tinctures, serums, oils and mists. 

Even the most sensitive and problematic skins can benefit from receiving 'mother nature's medicine' for the skin. Janesce facials provide an intensive boost of powerful botanicals that are not only anti-ageing, hydrating and nourishing for the skin but can also help to clear-up 'problem' skins. 

Spa Retreat Package (for special occasions or just to stop and relax)


Relax and stay a while. This spa retreat package is for a minimum of 2 people and a max of 4.

Enjoy this quiet and private space with a loved one or catch up with a friend(s). Full use of private spa pool, shower facilities, spa towels, spa robes and slippers. Enjoy a glass of bubbles or soft drink, Bestow organic teas, chocolates and snacks. Books, magazines and of course a massage will be part of your relaxation experience at this unique and unmissable retreat!

About Me

Reviewed and updated November 2021

My name is Lorna and this is the story of my journey....... In 2016, I first started out on my journey to help people to achieve their physical goals as a Personal Trainer. Not entirely satisfied with the results which were slow and not as rewarding as I'd first imagined, I decided - as I'd always loved receiving a massage - I'd train in massage therapy to reward my clients after their workout.  I quickly found that more and more people were only coming to me for a massage and not a 'workout'! So, I made a leap of faith, I quit shouting at people to 'move their ass' and changed my my tone to a more subtle one that allows people to be who they are and to treat their bodies with respect, harmony and balance.

Since undertaking my initial massage therapy training in 2017 - my learning has never stopped. I've taken many short courses to add to my skill set, from trigger point therapy, sports/deep tissue massage and structural bodywork in Australia with Anatomy Trains. Now however, my path to healing has taken a steady turn. I now offer a more gentle approach meaning 'no pain no gain' doesn't fit with me anymore.

In January 2021 I completed my Diploma in Reflexology. Reflexology is a holistic treatment of the whole body through the feet. I did a course in the Indian Head Massage technique which can help to alleviate built-up stress and tension in the head, neck and face. And, recently I completed my Diploma in Bowen therapy which can help to heal or at the very least alleviate symptoms of many ailments be them structural or internal. This again is a gentle therapy inviting the body to heal itself putting it into a 'rest and digest' state rather than putting force onto the body and risking a 'flight or fight' reaction and potentially more pain! For more information on Bowen Therapy please visit

I also trained with Janesce botanical skincare in Tauranga (2018), which not only assesses and treats the skin externally but also looks at how diet can play a huge role in the condition of the skin and its many issues that can factor from the 'gut'. Janesce botanical facials add a boost of anti-oxidants, hydration and nutrients to the skin. Janesce botanical skincare uses 'mother nature's' tinctures, serums, oils and mists. And, 'Bestow' internal supplements support the skin from within.

During the warmer months we have a spa pool retreat short stay available to celebrate an occasion or to just catch up with friends or family.

My client space is quiet and comfortable here at my home in Silverstream, Upper Hutt.

I welcome you with a friendly smile and warm hospitality.


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