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Bowen Therapy A gentle manual therapy that can help with muscular tension and pain as well as problems occurring internally in the body.

Reflexology - A truly holistic therapy that is done on the feet to help target the rest of the body in helping to harmonise the body's internal systems, this is a great feet treat too! This gentle therapy is amazing for the mind, body and spirit!


Massage - Massages to de-stress, recharge and zen out, some myofascial release techniques may be used if needed.


''I discovered Lorna after looking for a Reflexologist for some considerable time, one of my greatest finds. Reflexology is my first choice but Lorna also does Bowen and facials, always indecision deciding what to try next time. It is such a treat to spend an hour being pampered in a peaceful and professional home setting. I can highly recommend Lorna and am very much looking forward to my next visit" Veronica.

''I have been receiving Bowen treatments from Lorna for a while now for my back ache (mainly), the treatment keeps the pain at bay and my back is slowly recovering. The environment is warm and welcoming, and Lorna makes you feel comfortable and at ease immediately. She listens to your needs and provides the treatment accordingly. She is professional and knowledgeable and is extremely good at what she does – it is obvious that this is her passion. I cannot recommend Lorna highly enough". Shirley.

"The relaxation massage should come with a warning -' this massage is extremely relaxing'. Every stroke and technique used felt very thoughtful, the room was warm, the table comfortable and the warm towels were an added bonus. I mentioned that I had tension in my neck area, Lorna used some techniques that left the tension gone! My feet were massaged last, oh how I wished that part was never ending - just sheer bliss. Thank you so much! "Vanessa.

"I had been suffering with migraines for many years and have tried massage and other methods with no real lasting results. I thought I'd give Bowen a bash. It took just 4 Bowen sessions for my migraines to finally subside - I could'nt believe that such a gentle method could have such profound results! I now only have a Bowen session once a month for fear of my migraines coming back. It's cheaper than paying for a massage that only seems to have short lasting results. Bowen rocks!" Jenny.

'I' have been going to Lorna at Bodytonic for a few years now for Bowen Therapy. I had hip and foot issues and have had amazing results with Bowen and now continue to have regular maintenance appointments. The treatment itself is very relaxing and I highly recommend it to anyone. Lorna is amazing at what she does! Dara.''

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