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Bowen Therapy 


This is not massage but is a gentle technique that can help to alleviate structural issues such as pain due to muscular tension and nerve pain, as well as problems occurring internally in the body.

This is a hands-on treatment, however, it is gentle in pressure. You will be fully clothed during the treatment. However some areas may be done directly on the skin such as arms and feet.


Your first 2 Bowen treatment appointments are $120 in total for both. It is then $75 per treatment thereafter. Each treatment is usually 45 to 60 minutes. 

What is the Bowen Technique suitable for?

The Bowen Technique could be considered for people with many types of conditions, including:

  • Back pain/ Sciatica

  • Neck pain / Frozen Shoulder

  • Asthma / Hay fever / Sinus Problems/TMJ issues

  • Headaches / Migraines

  • Insomnia

  • Sports injuries, eg Tennis and Golfers Elbow / Carpal Tunnel / Knee Injuries 

  • Constipation / IBS / Crohn’s Disease

  • Menopause symptoms eg Hot Flushes, Mood Swings, Sleeping Difficulties

  • Shin Splints / Plantar fasciitis / Swollen Ankles and Knees

  • Menstrual Problems

  • Infertility

  • Urinary problems: Incontinence / Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) / Bedwetting

  • Babies: Colic, Reflux, unsettled

  • Pregnancy: back pain






















The Body can heal itself!  A key element in Bowen is the prescribed wait periods between the sets of moves (approx. 2 minutes). These wait times give the nervous system a chance to process the sensory information and make adjustments bringing correction to abnormal postural holding patterns and release the fascial restrictions. By resetting the nervous system, Bowen helps to unwind the dysfunctional patterns brought on by prolonged stress, injuries, trauma, illness, and surgeries. Most clients are surprised at how a gentle move can have such a profound response.


No Other Treatments. The most fundamental principle of Bowen is that it is the client that is doing the work, not the therapist, and for this to happen the body needs time and to be left alone. This is not to say that other treatments are in some way less valid or less powerful than Bowen but simply that we need to give any process a chance if it is to be effective. If each therapy is a well-worked out set of signals, so to speak, loading more than one within a certain space of time is like asking a radio to pick up two stations at once. For some people Bowen isn’t enough and there are clients who will prefer to be massaged or given other treatments. However, when treating with Bowen, no other hands-on therapy should be introduced within a week, in order to have a “clear canvas.”


Where did it originate?

Bowtech Bowen came from Australia. Tom Bowen developed it over a period of several decades by working with athletes and injured labourers. It arose from his study and profound understanding of the structural and healing mechanisms of the body and his interest in osteopathic principles. Tom Bowen practiced in Australia from 1958 until his passing in 1982.

What does it do?

Bowen provides gentle and profoundly effective signals to the Brain for healing and recovery through the stimulation of special receptors in the tendons, muscles and ligaments of the body. These stimuli can result in deep relaxation, resetting of muscular tension and range of motion, lymph drainage, pain and inflammation reduction and pain relief.

What is the technique?

The therapist uses their fingers and thumbs to essentially 'roll' lightly across muscle belly, fascia, tendons and ligaments. There is a brief yet vital 2 minutes pause between sets of moves - so that the body has time to respond to the changes made via the nervous system, bringing the body into a rest and digest state when the body can then start the healing process.

How long does a session last?

A Bowen session lasts from 15 minutes up to an hour with the client resting comfortably on a massage table or seated in a chair. 

How often and how many times will I need to come?

Initially two Bowen sessions are scheduled a week apart. Clients usually see significant improvement within these two sessions. Additional sessions are scheduled at least a week apart as needed, with most conditions resolving within 3-8 sessions.

Why is such light pressure used?

Less really is more in this case. Less pressure brings more results than heavy pressure. That Bowen works with such light pressure follows a physiologic law, the Schulze law, which states that the body responds more deeply and positively to low level stimuli than it does to painful strong stimuli. Tom Bowen discovered the principle long before Schulze formulated his law.

Is Bowen safe?

Bowen is appropriate for all ages and stages of health from babies to the most frail and elderly, for the extremely fit and the sedentary or debilitated. Bowen is so gentle in application, partnering with the body for healing, that there is no possibility of harm.

How is Bowen different from traditional massage and bodywork?

Bowen is distinguished by its effectiveness over in very few sessions. It does not hurt and can bring permanent relief rapidly. The work is performed with the client lying on a table or sitting in a chair. The client remains clothed, and no oil or lotion is used.

Why does Bowen succeed where other therapies do not?

Bowen is effective because, with a minimum of stress on the body, it focuses the innate healing capacity of the body exactly where it is needed to facilitate speedy recovery, pain relief and healing.

What is the innate healing capacity of the body?

The innate healing capacity is the powerful combination of body systems responsible for tissue repair, nutrition, waste disposal, muscle length, nerve health and blood flow.

What does the innate healing capacity do?

The innate healing capacity takes care of the traumas and injuries, renewing injuries, recovering lost function, feeding and cleansing the body, relieving pain and regenerating tissue. This is done constantly throughout the body to keep us healthy.

  • Your first 2 Bowen treatment appointments are $120 in total for both. It is then $75 per treatment thereafter. Each treatment is usually 45 to 60 minutes.

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