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Frequently asked questions that you're maybe wondering about. Let me help to answer them.

Will I have to fill out a form?

Yes. As a new client I expect to receive information regarding any operation or injuries you have had and any medication that you are on - if relevent. I may verbally ask you some questions too

. This time will not eat into your massage time. I expect you to update me if any thing changes with your health in future appointments (if relevant).


Is there plenty of parking?

Yes. Free parking outside the house or in the middle cul-de-sac car park.



Is the clinic inside a house?

Yes. My house, however the client space is separate to the living space with a client bathroom and lounge.

Is the area noisy?

No. As the clinic is based in a cul-de-sac it is very quiet. You may hear birdsong and perhaps the odd lawnmower in summer!

Will you talk to me throughout the appointment?

I invite you to come to BodyTonic to not only heal but also to relax. After the initial form filling or catch-up I will not speak unless you speak to me. This is your time!

Will I be left oily after the massage?

No. I use a home-made blend of manuka beeswax and rice-bran oil and use warm damp cloths and warm towels to help to wipe most of it away. However, when using aromatherapy carrier oils and essential oils (as requested) I will only use warm towels (not damp) to help to absorb the amazing oils.

Will I be left with oily hair?

No. I wash my hands prior to the head massage.

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