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About Janesce

Janesce skincare has the upmost respect for protecting the skin barrier and maintaining a balanced ph level to prevent 'problem skins'. The Janesce philosophy is to treat the skin with respect by feeding it with the right nutrients to be the best it can be. Janesce skincare products contain up to 70% more plant actives than many other botanical ranges. They are strong enough to act like 'medicine for the skin'. 


All Janesce skincare is concentrated, so they will go that bit further and the natural botanical medicine for the skin is activated in the presence of water.


For all orders or enquiries please email or text Lorna on 021 1445111


Botanical Skincare Shop

Janesce Soaking Cloth $10 - a soft cloth made from baby muslin, for soaking and cleansing your skin pre-product.


Enriched Day Cream $85 - for day protection. A softening and hydrating cream which helps protect against the effects of the environment including harmful pollutants.

Nourishing Skin Reviver $85- for day and night protection. A light lotion with a smooth silky texture for hydrating, calming and nourishing the skin.

Moisture Balance $85 - for day protection. A very light lotion for day use. Formulated to maintain the moisture balance and control oil flow.

Revitalising Cream $125 - for day or night care. An enriched and very nourishing cream designed to help restore tone and suppleness to ageing skin.

Soaking Drops $39.50 - added to warm water during the skin soaking ritual.

Choose from - Rose, Lavender or citrus.

Mists $59.50 - are used to lock the water in after soaking the skin and to also use 'on the go' when required.

Choose from - soothing (lavender), Rose or Silken Mist (95.90).

Essential Eye Cream $45 - A blend of very fine plant waxes and oils formulated to hydrate and protect the delicate tissue around the eyes

Neck Cream $80 - An enriched cream which soothes and regenerates 

Shade of pale serum $65 - a concentrate of alpine herbs formulated to fade pigmentation


Perfecting gel serum $105 - A powerful burst of hydration for lack-lustre, dry or sun damaged skin. Contains plant based hyaluronan to trap moisture and plump out the skin. Particularly good in winter, heat pumps, fires etc...that dry out the skin.


Facial Oils $39.50 - for skin relief or a boost in hydration, nourishment and balance of the skin (Lavender, Rose, Orange Blossom, Floral Blend)

Gentle Enzyme Peel $63.50 - a gentle 'smooth' exfoiliant which dissolves old skin cells and wakes-up new ones through the action of enzymes from pineapple and papaya

Clearing Wash $66 - for deep cleansing. An extremely gentle wash the uses soft almond husks to deep clean and soften the skin.


Rose Petal Cleanser $65 - a gentle hydrating cleanse (good for sensitive skin)

Peppermint Cleanser $65 - a thorough cleanse and make-up remover (good for oily skin)

Mini Hydrating packs $139 (used correctly will last 2 to 3 months) - Soaking cloth, Rose petal cleanser, Rose soaking drops, Nourishing skin reviver moisturiser, rose mist.

For the full range of Janesce botanical skincare please see

Aromatherapy body and facial blends can be made onsite and customised to your needs. Prices range from just $15 to $50 depending. Please get in touch for further details or to arrange a consultation.