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Aromatherapy - You can choose to add essential oils to your massage treatment if you wish. There will be a list of oils to choose from when you arrive. Please just mention this upon arrival. It is just an additional $5 for up to two chosen oils. Aromatherapy essential oils can really enhance your treatment for not only the aroma to relax or uplift but also to help with strengthening the body's immune system, circulation problems, nervous tension, sinus issues or perhaps hayfever, as examples.


Relaxation Massage


This full body relaxation massage focuses on switching off and letting go.  


This calming and flowing massage aims to switch your sympathetic nervous system into a parasympathetic mode aiming to calm and balance the body's systems. This relaxation massage also aims to relax the muscles in order to release general tension - some therapeutic techniques on certain areas may be used should you request.

You should feel a sense of peace and calm after this amazing treatment.


60 minutes $100

75 minutes $120 


Package One


Relaxation back/neck/shoulders massage & Mini Aroma Facial


60 minutes $110

Package Two

Aroma Facial & Mini Reflexolog

90 minutes $155


Package Three

Relaxation Back Massage & Mini Reflexology

60 minutes $95


Package Four

Relaxation Back/neck/shoulders Massage & Aroma Facial

90 minutes $160

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