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My skin during lockdown 2021!

In lockdown 2021 my skin changed, and not for the better!

During the first week in lockdown level 4 my skin seemed stable/normal, I then assumed my skin was strong enough to withstand the 'rubbish' I was feeding it. The second week was when they arrived! The spots came to 'party' and just didn't want to stop dancing proudly on my chin! I've not had so many spots in one wee area since I was a teen and at 40 something years old I couldn't imagine my hormones were changing, my daily botanical skin soaking regime remained - so it had to be my diet.

Lockdown can be tough on the mind, body and spirit. My mind and spirit were fine but my body did suffer. I was consuming far too much fatty and sugary foods, for comfort I guess, such as chippies and chocolate (daily) and wine and cheese - probably why my mind and spirit were doing okay! The good foods like veges and fruit were, I'm ashamed to say, minimal. My skin reacted badly to the 'congesting' foods and my visual warning did not go unnoticed. And at week 3 I just knew something needed to change, for the better.

I ordered my Bestow internal support supplements at level 3 (I'd ran out at the start of level 4). And from the 4th week of lockdown I continued with my internal supplements and completely cut out chippies and cheese. I also cut right down on the other naughties. I still allowed for some indulgences but just in moderation. 5 days into the 4th week I was elated, my spots had just about disappeared and I felt much more energetic and alive!

From day one, I never stopped my twice daily skin soaking ritual (I look forward to it too much) but it goes to show that doing that alone is only half the battle won.

My daily skincare routine.


  1. I soak my skin three times each time for 15 seconds.

  2. I spray my damp skin with a Janesce botanical mist.

  3. I put a small amount of concentrated Janesce botanical moisturiser on my still damp skin.


  1. I cleanse my skin with Janesce rose petal cleanser.

  2. Steps 1 to 3 of the a.m routine.

My daily internal supplements to support my skin from within.

First drink of the day is a half squeezed lemon into warm water ( a mix of boiled and cold from the tap). My 3 daily internal gut health and skin support all get put into my breakfast - either oats, cereal or a smoothie. The beauty plus oil can also get thrown into a salad for lunch or dinner if I'm having one. That's it, simple!

(The list of the Bestow internal support that I use is below).

Gut Health plays a direct impact on the skin!

You can't expect your skin to be completely hydrated and problem free by what you do to it externally (topically). You need to check your diet, make sure you are getting enough EFAs (essential fatty acids) - that doesn't mean fish oil! And that you are fully supporting your gut micro-biome by consuming the correct foods and supplements in this western diet of ours.

Here are the 3 absolute best (and what I take and know works) gut and skin support supplements from Bestow, Tauranga by the founder Janine Tait who has over 30 years nutrition and nutritional science experience.

Bestow beauty plus oil

  • supports the skin barrier function (the top lining of our skin that protects the layers beneath)

  • stops skin blockages (aka spots and other congesting issues)]

  • maintains the skins' ph balance

Collagen boost powder

  • boosts skins' elasticity

  • plumps out wrinkles

  • promotes stronger skin, hair and nails

Gut love powder

  • stops skin from thinning creating premature aging

  • improves skins' ability to deter uv rays

  • probiotics and prebiotics to restore the gut digestive enzymes

  • contains zinc - your skin cannot make collagen without zinc

Bestow internal health and Janesce external health of the skin can be purchased here at BodyTonic. Just email or call me for more info/questions/queries, I'm here to help :-)

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